Summer Camp 2021 FAQs

Q. What is the camp price per week?

A. Regular price is $450, early discount by May 7th is 10% ($45 per week), $20 off by May 30th, other promotions are available when register for 3 weeks or more.

Q. Can I register weekly or only for the whole summer?

A. You can register for a single week, multiple weeks, or full 10-week world trip.

Q. Do you provide lunch and snacks?

A. We do NOT provide lunch or snacks. Campers should bring their lunch, snack, and water bottles every day to the camps.

Q. What do campers need to bring each day to camp?

A. Clothes ok to get messy, face mask, lunch, snacks, filled water bottle.

Q. How many students are there per week? How many teachers are there per students?

A: Between 16 and 20 students per week, with 1 teacher and 1 CIT per 4-5 children.

Q. What is your daily schedule of activities?

A:     9:30 am - drop off

9:45 am - start 1st project

10:45 am - snack

11:00 am - 2nd project

12:00 pm - lunch

12:30 pm - 3rd project

1:30 pm - 3rd project continues if long, or 4th project

2:45 pm - get ready, gather all the projects

3:00 pm - pick up

Q. What is your Covid-19 policy?

A:  Robertson Art Zone is safe and Covid-19 free facility, where everything is kept clean       and safe for our campers.

 To make sure we keep it that way, here is the list of the precocious activities we will           be following every day::

  • Camper's temperature will be checked upon arrival at camp each morning. Parents will be asked to keep their children at home if they or any household member have fever or other symptoms.  

  • All staff and campers will be asked to wear masks inside the studio.

  • Campers will be eating snacks and lunch outside on our patio, with no sharing food or snacks