Journal, RAZ African Safari June 21-26

Updated: Jul 6

Surprising animals, colorful diversity, & cultural richness enthralled children while they learned art mediums for 5 days on the African continent. RAZ Summer Art Campers' passports were stamped as they visited different African countries, plus they added interesting facts and fun memories into their travel art journals for wild stories.

Children discovered people in Africa have a wide array of skin tones from dark to light, a perfect value lesson in life and art, which they painted into a rainbow by mixing the three primary colors and white.

Safari animals were a roaring subject for art campers to develop stories. Kids learned to sketch animal bodies and created cutout booklets, sculpted favorite animals they saw in quick-drying Iclay, and built 3D wildlife habitats for them from foam board, wood, and textural collage materials.

What aromatic artistic medium from Ethiopia would you guess the children whiffed and discovered they could paint with? They learned the country is known for growing coffee and the beloved daily tradition of Ethiopian family and friends. Art campers then sculpted coffee mugs and saucers with clay,

RAZ art campers visited the country of Ghana, known for Kente cloth and gold, rich artistic mediums. They made a fabric collage in the shape of Africa with Kente cloth patterns, made Djembe drum, and learned African dances.

Kids became enveloped in purple and bold exhibits of "Sanctuary" and "Enunciated Life" on a field trip to the California African American Museum.

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