The RAZ Art Center - Purpose, Values, Vision, Solution, and Projects

educational programs, curriculums, publications, and media, with ancillary products and services


We inspire children and adults to tell

their stories

through art and unlock

their creativity

using unique techniques

and various art mediums


RAZ Purpose

We help people express their contribution to the world and appreciate other people's uniqueness through cultural arts, transformational growth, and healing.


  • Storytelling skills including drawing, painting, sculpting, building, story structure, story boarding, stop-motion animation

  • Self-discovery, personal growth, interpersonal relations in diversity, exploration

  • Incorporating the cultural arts with an educational, spiritual, and entertaining approach, as a mechanism to explain and enhance the world in which we live through an exploration of creativity.

  • Adding S.T.E.A.M. to the S.T.E.M. system of education - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics

  • The critical process of creativity and innovation


  1. Variety of art mediums

  2. An individualized approach to learning

  3. Unique teaching techniques - RAZ way


  1. Experience with various art mediums

  2. Learn a life lesson or a new skill

  3. Enjoy and create new memories


  • People looking for creativity and personal growth

  • Children ages 4-15

  • Parents or guardians of children ages 4-15

  • Elementary and middle schools


  1. Have Passion

  2. Come to work with excitement; love what you do

  3. View this as more than just a job

  4. Professional and personal growth

  5. Be Committed

  6. Despite all the difficulties and disagreement, stick to the goals

  7. Accountable for your job responsibilities

  8. Follow through with your assignments

  9. Develop Leadership

  10. Think outside the box for creative ideas; be ready to implement them

  11. Encourage your team, treat them with respect, be open to their ideas

  12. Be able to solve immediate problems and resolve conflicts

  13. Be a Team Player

  14. Listens to others with tolerance

  15. Communicate with your teammates, speak up when needed

  16. Ask questions, give feedback, offer new ideas, address the issues

  17. Be Open-Minded

  18. Be open to new and d ideas

  19. Have tolerance for people with different beliefs and points of view

  20. Accept feedback and constructive criticism

  21. Have Flexibility

  22. Be ready to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements

  23. Have patience with the process

  24. Pay attention to small details, while remembering “The Big picture”

  25. Shine Your Light

  26. Know your strengths and develop them

  27. Understand your role in the company’s mission (your belonging)


The Problem, and RAZ Solution

First, the Problems

Space and Material

  • Not everyone has the proper space or materials to create and practice art

  • Making art can be too messy

  • Lack of a supportive one-stop-spot for kids and adults to tell their stories, create art, and experiment with various mediums.


  • Preconceptions about different religions and nationalities

  • Previous negative experience

  • Racial discrimination

  • Hate and bullying

Social Interaction

  1. Significant lack of interpersonal skills

  2. Fear:

  3. to express one’s opinion

  4. of failure

  5. not being heard

  6. rejection

  7. High expectations to create perfection

  8. Comparing yourself to other people

Uncertain Future

  • Pandemic, wars, inflation, technology, industry, politics

  • Loss of dreams and imagination

  • Lack of direction and goals


  1. Brought stress, anxiety, loss, grief, social distancing, and isolation

  2. Put everyone in the situation to look inside themselves and not outside

  3. Made us ask questions:

  4. How can I be happy now by myself, when there is no one to entertain me?

  5. What is important to me?

  6. What are my values?

  7. As we are coming out of the pandemic:

  8. How can I reconnect with people?

  9. How can I find like-minded individuals?

Mental Health

  • Teen suicide

  • Some kids and adults can't express themselves with words

  • Many people have difficulties with letting their thoughts out and manifesting them

Addiction Disorders

Too much time spent and or importance put on:

  1. Screen time and internet gaming

  2. Social media

  3. Fame

False Beliefs

  • You must be born with artistic skills to be an artist

  • Art is just painting and sculpture

  • Artist must suffer to create something beautiful

  • Making art is not a real job and you can’t make money with art


Second, the RAZ Solutions

Main Products

  1. Making Art Through Storytelling - - Curriculum and program of after school classes with art

  2. Art Around the World Tour & Great Treks - - Summer camps with art for kids

  3. The City of RAZ & The Hidden Light - 2 original stories - for coloring books, musical plays, workshops, art kits & media

Space and Material

  • RAZ studio provides a safe space and a variety of materials to work with

  • Customers feel relieved and comfortable using our studio instead of their house for messy art projects


  • Summer Camps - Unity through Diversity. RAZ instructors educate, plan and teach projects on various cultures from around the world

  • Promote respect, understanding, and caring for each other

  • Help students discover what they enjoy most; improve their technical skills

Social Interaction

  • Children learn to interact with each other in an open space and creative environment, making individual and team art projects, playing games

  • Specifically developed unique techniques to identify, express, and overcome students’ fears

Uncertain Future

  • Help discover talents and skills for kids’ potential future careers

  • Provide the ability to try a different medium

  • Teaching methods that promote imagination and curiosity plus let students dream and work toward their goals

  • Example - project: dream board collage


  • Initiated an astutely designed program of Healing & Joy with Art for children and adults,

  • Developed a summer camp program "Reconnecting ALL of You in 2022"

  • Safe and convenient, easy and effective

  • Provide therapeutic art to restore, reframe, release, renew

Mental Health

  • Preteen and teen classes and camp counselor opportunities

  • RAZ classes and projects provide hands-on activities for kids to relax, safely express themselves, and have the freedom to experiment with different mediums

Addiction Disorders

  • Encourage students to tell their stories and broaden their views

  • Actively create art with hands-on projects outside their personal space

  • Use technology as a tool for art instead of focusing on attracting attention

  • See their own uniqueness & find something beautiful that only they can do

False Beliefs - Corrected

  • Everyone can be an artist with guidance and practice, without expectations

  • Art is anything you create from different materials with meaningful intention

  • Students learn how to enjoy the process instead of being fixated on results

  • There is access to multiple resources and ways of making money

  • One’s biggest flaw can be one’s biggest strength


RAZ Projects in Development

  1. Rent a bigger building

  2. a few rooms (3-5) for different ages and different activities

  3. outside space for physical activities and sports during camps

  4. facility for adults to host larger events

  5. Improve the website for ease of navigation and registration, which can offer online classes and lessons with videos. Add a store with RAZ products.

  6. Hire and train more teachers - professionals to teach different classes in the studio and outside - RAZ after-school program in other schools and lead birthday parties.

  7. Make course packages, RAZ unique program Making Art through Storytelling with 6 main courses for ages 4-15. This will be offered to the schools for the after-school Art program and will be recorded to sell online. This will become our franchise for more art studios nationwide and around the world.

  8. Make our camps bigger: advertise in more places, train teen counselors, improve our art projects, and add technology, dance, music, and sports.

  9. ART Around the World - all our best summer camp projects from 2 years.

  10. Create a book on Art Projects

  11. Sell it online and to all the bookstores. This will be useful for the art teachers, schools, and parents.

  12. Create and sell Art Kits for classes, holidays, and workshops.

  13. Painting, Color wheel

  14. Animal Collage

  15. Building House

  16. Chanakya

  17. Thanksgiving Centerpiece

  18. Winter lights Painting

  19. The City of RAZ Original Story: about a royal family who lost the queen in a mysterious way, leaving the king to rule his kingdom and raise his children all by himself. Throughout the story, the children learn about the coexistence of light and darkness, the order of colors, and children’s roles in their family and the world. The story ends with a shocking secret about the City of RAZ.

  20. Improve Musical Play - to hire professionals:

  21. Play writer - to edit the play

  22. Costume designer for costumes and accessories.

  23. Set designer to build stage sets

  24. Make Comic Book based on the play - hire a writer, an artist, and a colorist.

  25. Make art kits and video instruction: painting color wheel, character collage with fabrics (maybe more)

  26. The Hidden Light Original Story: about the holiday of Hanukkah, the holiday of lights and miracles. It teaches us how lighting the menorah with olive oil awakens our desire and our true soul’s purpose. In this eccentric tale, inspired by stories from the Midrash and Zohar, a 14-year-old boy travels through time to save a magical oil jar from the immortal villain, whose goal is to stop all the miracles from happening in the world.

  27. Print the 2nd edition of the updated coloring book and publish it.

  28. Make and publish it in color

  29. Distribute both books everywhere - Amazon, bookstores, online stores, Jewish stores, etc.)

  30. Make and sell Chanukiya DIY kits

  31. Pitch and sell The Hidden Light script as an Animated Film - Write a proposal and prepare a presentation.


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