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What Yael's family went through and what Ukrainians are going through now is really tough. How did she heal? How can we help? She expresses and teaches the way through RAZ Art.

One of the valuable contributions to society artists give is visual expressions that are worth more than 1,000 words of significant world events and the emotional human connection to them. On March 17, 2022, Ukrainian Yael Lichaa did this in an extraordinary way by the costume she wore on Purim, a Jewish holiday.

Three weeks into the war waged by Russia on Ukraine with the world freshly struck by emotion, Lichaa painted both flags of Ukraine and Russia on her cheeks then placed a symbol of peace between them on her forehead. She wore a dress with the map of the world and a headdress of authentic weaving she brought from their kitchen in Ukraine.

Lichaa's costume led to an important conversation with a lifetime news journalist Ari L Noonan, currently with the Jewish Journal, of Los Angeles California.

Noonan did an interview about some of her experiences and her significant costume on March 22nd. Through events from the history books, Lichaa's real-life stories are hard to believe. Her family was displaced from Ukraine when it broke away from the USSR, but there is much more. Jewish Journal article "Local Business Owner...from Ukraine to America"

"I learned valuable lessons. Instead of trying to convince people of a point of view or fighting, just appreciate other people's uniqueness. This way you will become enriched," Lichaa quickly stated to Noonan. But how?

Lichaa recommends 2 things you and I can do to make a difference in the world and war right now:

1) "To not hate is a growth process. We can all be stubborn and want things our way," Yael Lichaa

This is easier said than done. In an effort to qualm people at war, incredibly it starts with us, as individuals in our own sphere of influence. Hmm, you might think, I'm fine, it's them. Through the RAZ Art Center Lichaa challenges students to think again. What a person doesn't know about others different from them can lead to preconceptions, fear, or anger. She has developed a first step that can be--fun.



Through the art program Lichaa developed at Robertson Art Zone, an art school and studio located in Beverly Hills she founded three years ago, students are encouraged to become curious. The RAZ slogan is an invitation. What's your story? What's your world? Let's make it bigger!

2) "Become curious of cultures different from you. There is unity in diversity." Robertson Art Zone

The Robertson Art Zone team gave

art day camps for the coming summer the theme "Reconnecting ALL of You in 2022." Children will become enriched by exploring cultural arts from around the globe, including Russia and Ukraine. Lichaa expounded,

"Because each person has something unique to contribute to the whole world."

To learn more about Yael Lichaa's secrets on how to heal from hurt, life in Ukraine and Russia, or about the art school in Beverly Hills, click article link below

Jewish Journal article "Local Business Owner...from Ukraine to America"


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