What's New 2022 | RAZ After-School Art Classes for Kids | Huge Benefits Research Shows

In this article: Guess who's smiling? New parents' hour for personal creative time. Art class options to fit busy schedules. Kids 4 X better in math & science after taking art classes.

“My kids are motivated, they feel better,” parents say. That’s good news after the difficulties of the past couple of years. Plus, research shows a host of benefits like; kids are 4 times better in math or science fairs, improve in building strong relationships and a sense of self.

From the fun “Art for Preschoolers” to advanced “Stop Motion Animation” for teens,

the Robertson Art Zone after-school program is designed for students of all levels, from ages 4-15.

Hi, we're happy to meet you. L] Hagit Damto COO, R] Yael Lichaa CEO

Taught by degreed professional artists and teachers, young budding entrepreneurs and artisans can have fun for a single class to explore a technique. Or they can improve on their talents and self-esteem by progressing through the unique RAZ curriculum Making Art through Storytelling.

What good does making art [or that creative stuff] do for me or my kids?

Mental health and teen suicide have been in the news. Enduring the stress of unpredictable school schedules is painful for families, let alone pandemic pressures. Research shows the benefits of telling our stories through art include:

  1. Instant stress relief [stress is linked to a reduced immune system]

  2. Improving safety through life's challenges

  3. Building a confident sense of self

RAZ After school classes, 4 photo collage
In photo collage- top L] Musical Play, top R] Stop Motion Animation, bottom L] Character Drawing, bottom R] RAZ Team
Effective storytelling is paramount for business success in today's online marketplace.
A babysitting pastime - RAZ is NOT. Don't expect the average.

Yes, there are fun activities like Mixed Media and Building classes. And children can take any class that piques their interest at first. But families soon see the RAZ difference. The secret is in our challenge to grow kids who stay the course,

What makes Robertson Art Zone so unique?

RAZ art classes are part of a program designed to have valuable benefits for a lifetime, personally, relationally, and in business. It includes the opportunity for a central education in Making Art through Storytelling through 5 building-block courses: Comic Book, Building & Clay, Character Design, Stop Motion Animation, Painting & Color.



As students' confidence builds, they can earn a certificate [useful on applications or their resume] at Robertson Art Zone. Call the studio to ask about the RAZ certification for Making Art through Storytelling.

1. Drawing Comics Art Class

Participants get inspired by working with their peers to generate short action / adventure stories from their own lives. They learn how to write an outline, arrange and draw the characters, the environment, and speech bubbles inside story panels.

8 Lessons, 1 day ea week, such as:

  • Who's the villain/hero? What's the moral? Plus elements of story writing.

  • Sculpt characters into 3D references

  • Make a book with cover and binding

2. Building & Clay Art Class

A very popular class that fills; it's recommended to book early to save your spot. In this course, students will build characters and structures with wood, foam boards, fabric, and leather. They will make miniature furniture, sculpt objects, and animals with a kiln firing clay. 8 Lessons, 1 day each week such as:

  • Building a house

  • Making furniture

  • Sculpting cups; animals

  • Collage with metal & fabric

3. Making 3D Characters Art Class

From mystical creatures to clay heads, students will develop and design different characters for each lesson, using various mediums such as modeling clay, plastelina, charcoal and pastels, paper collage, wood, fabric, acrylic paints, and watercolors.

4. Painting, Color Theory & Mixed Media

Group 1: ages 6-11, Group 2: ages 12-16

In this course, students will gain a basic understanding of color theory, experiment with different painting styles, and learn about different color groups. Students will use modeling air-dry and white kiln clay, build with wood, design 2d collages for different themes. Click to see the 8 fun lessons

  1. Paint with plaster on black canvas with food dye, liquid acrylics, and glitter

  2. Make a collage of an Arctic animal with fabrics and leather

  3. Click button to see more...

Animation is a skill used in nearly every movie people watch.

5. Stop Motion Animation

Children will write a short story, based on their memorable experience, arrange their scenes with panels, sculpt characters, build the sets and props. When all is ready, students will set it up and make their own Stop Motion movie (a filming technique in which they take a picture any time they change the position of a character and/or an object to make the illusion of movement). Click below to see our 8 amazing lessons.


What's New This Season? Look who's smiling!

New this season & benefiting behaviors that build strong relationships is the “Parent & Me” art class for preschoolers with parents. It sells out so book early.

Mondays for 2 people, 8 weeks: painting, sculpting, building, collage

“My kids love RAZ after-school art classes,” parents tell the RAZ team every season. Now dads and moms are saying they love RAZ art classes too!

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